Mobile Payments: The Future is Here, just not Evenly Distributed

If you have made a payment at retail with your smartphone and are anything like me, you’ll feel this is the future of payments. But as the famous quote from William Gibson says, “the future is here. It is just not evenly distributed.” After conducting some research in the US, UK, and Australia, it would be hard to find a more appropriate phrase for mobile contactless payments.

Last fall, the United States went through a drastic disturbance in consumer retail stores thanks to the EMV shift, which moved us from swiping our credit cards to inserting them into a terminal and waiting for the transaction to complete. With the average transaction time still taking between 5-10 seconds, down from 15 seconds six to eight months ago, US consumers have had friction added to their checkout process. It is with this retail experience in mind we were hopeful, last fall, that mobile contactless payments would take off. Toward the end of 2015, roughly 17% of iPhone owners had used Apple Pay, and 7% of Android owners had used Android Pay. Part of this had to do with less than 50% of the iPhone installed base in these markets having devices that are Apple Pay capable. An even smaller number of Android-based devices in use are NFC capable. Here we are a year later, with exponentially more smartphones in the market NFC capable, and interestingly, not a lot has changed.

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This awesome Matrix-like webcam tool makes Snapchat filters look so lame

Believe it or not, there’s now an awesome webcam app that makes even Snapchat filters look lame.

Built by developer-turned-designer Josh Beckwith, Temporalis is an interactive webcam filter that turns real life into the Matrix — and it’s so much fun.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacements are reportedly overheating

In the wake of the massive Galaxy Note 7 smartphone debacle which saw Samsung recall some 2.5 million of its flagship handsets, Samsung’s woes continue in its home country.

The Wall Street Journal reports that some customers who have received replacement devices over the past week are complaining that the phones overheat and quickly lose battery power – even while being charged.

Microsoft and Google First Party Hardware

On October 4th, Google is having an event, likely to launch both the Home, their Amazon Alexa competitor, as well as their own branded smartphone. It is safe to assume at this point that Google…

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Coding Rainbow is a gorgeous, free guide to creative software development

When you start to code, you’ll quite quickly discover that much of the free material on YouTube is rather dry. There are some exceptions, of course. Perhaps one of the best examples of these is Coding Rainbow, by NYU lecturer Daniel Shiffman.

Coding rainbow is a series of YouTube videos that aims to teach “creative coding”. New episodes are posted near-daily, and they cover everything from the finer details of JavaScript, to how to apply the knowledge you’ve gained with practical projects.

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